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About Us

About Minnies Preschool

Based in the heart of the Merivale community our preschool is a small and family orientated centre offering a high quality of curriculum and care to our families. We are a privately owned centre, with a homely recently renovated villa offering an exciting, open, welcoming and light filled environment to our children.

The smaller numbers of children allow for an intimate and child centred approach to our curriculum that readily adapts to accommodate the individual learning needs of each child.

We have a nursery catering for up to 12 babies with beautifully landscaped separate outdoor area, and a welcoming "over two" area which accommodates our 28 over two year old children. Our large attractive over 2 outdoor area will take your breath away - it's a child's paradise!

Education Programme

Minnies Preschool has an educational programme, based on the National Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whaariki.

The group programme is planned using observational data and evaluations from the children's individual learning stories. Extension and intentional teaching experiences are introduced to support the current interests that have been identified. Additionally, throughout the day children have access to free play choice of curriculum activities that include literacy, music, puzzles, dough, blocks, painting, water, collage, dramatic play, gross motor activities, sand play, cooking and many other activities. 

We also offer an extension transition to school programme for our children who are preparing for the next step to school. Parents are kept well informed of what the children are learning about by being able to read the transition to school board display in the classroom. A 'weekly happenings' is also emailed to parents every week.

Parents of children in our nursery aged under two receive a daily report in a notebook of what their child has done that day as well as routine information such as sleeps, bottles, nappies etc. In the same manner to the transition to school children a  'weekly happenings' is displayed and emailed to parents. 

Profile Books and Learning Stories

Children's learning and development is assessed by teachers within the Preschool setting to evaluate how they can be further supported and extended. This ensures that we provide a developmentally appropriate learning programme that meets the needs and interests of each individual child. These 'learning stories' are then placed in the child’s profile book as well as milestones, photos and celebrations to create a portfolio of treasures.